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Forget about spending hours researching on which spells are available to your class and level, how many spells you can learn of each spell level every time your level up, how many spell slots you have and so forth.

Just select your class and level and we will handle the rest!

You can also print and share your spellbooks.

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Explore the D&D 5e spells list with all the control you need.

Filter spells by its level, spell school, by the type of attack roll it uses, by its saving throw, by the components it uses and more.

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Find out which spellcaster class is best for your needs.

See which classes can cast Cantrips and Rituals or use Spell Focus, which ones must prepare spells and which don't, which one can cast a broader range of different spells, their number spell slots per level and more.

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Check out the races list and spells each one is able to cast.

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